Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jesus and machine guns...

We had a 6 am Easter church service on the steps of Qalaa House yesterday. We were the most rag-tag bunch of church-goers that I've ever seen.

Some people were dressed in their cammo, others in shorts or jeans, and some we dressed to the nines in the dresses or nice shirts and pants. Also, soldiers that carry weapons as part of their job brought their weapons to church. Having a bunch of people "packing heat" during church added to rag-tagginess.

The pastor was from Cananda so he was a "Padre Something or other" and not "Father". I gotta say, Padre is way better than Father...Canada has the US beat on that front. He said a-boot for about a couple of times...adding to the rag-tag.

We had a church band! It consisted of: a keyboard, 2 guitars, and a saxaphone. I think it is the only quartet in the history of the world with that instrument list.

We also had a gospel choir that performed a song! And a duet sang a song, too.

It was very interesting...but it was nice though. It was really nice that there was a place for anyone that had a gift/talent that they wanted to share.

All in all, it was a nice church service...but I would've rather been home with my family.


  1. Your description made me smile; it also made me think of something similar from M*A*S*H*.... The special days can be the most difficult. Hang in there, R & R is coming!

  2. I am sure they would have rather been with you too! Hang in there! Soon you will get a FANTASTIC Easter package from your favorite niece and nephew, with a few things to make you smile. Hope you are well!