Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boys...

Kristi has reported that the boys were calling her "Jo' Mamma" the other day. It comes from when I would be home with them and I would see Kristi walking home from the max or I would hear the garage door open and I would tell the boys..."Jo' Mamma is home!"
Kristi had to tell them that they can just call her "Mom"...they can skip the Jo' part.

I miss those boys.

Also, Sam calls bluetooth headsets for wireless phones "chellos". I had mine on one time and he was asking me what it was for...I told him that when someone calls me I press the button on the side and say "Chello!" He'll ask from time to time to try on my chello...funny boy.

Nothing much else to report...pretty uneventful existence in Afghanistan.


  1. I bet you do!! Pretty cute stories Kevin, I LOVE the adorable things kids say, misunderstandings and mispronunciations.

    Similarly, I was in Seattle for work a few weeks ago and I was trying to explain to the little guy that I'd be gone for a week and I was going to Seattle and would be back. The next day Zachy asked Mike, "Where's Attle?". Get it? Because I was going to See Attle.

    Stay safe! Did Kristi send you some good coffee yet???


  2. Love the picture of Sam, Kevin. Cute story about Kristi and the boys...I bet you do miss them!