Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

A week ago, on Mother's Day, the men of the compound here made an effort to make the moms of the compound feel special. The Colonel requested that we put the seat down when we were done using the bathroom...just on that day...but some people wanted to do more. We made a special dinner for the moms.

We set up tables in this nice little part of compound. The women were escorted to their table by well dressed men.
Each table had their own waiter.
He poured them as much fake wine as they wanted.

We cooked for them.
Served them their dinner...notice the elegant paper plates and plastic silverware.

Each mom got a flower to end the night.
Between the fancy dinner and putting the seat down for a day...I think we made the women feel a little bit special.


  1. So sweet of you men to do that for the ladies! I think you should carry on that tradition when you get home :) Love you hon! This is your wife, by the way. It may come up under my mom's name, but that is because neither one of us can figure this comment thing out!

  2. Such a nice thing to do! I am sure they all felt special, if even for one day!