Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hard at work.

The other day I caught myself getting lost in this picture:

My little workers.

When my parents came out to visit before my deployment, my dad and I built the boys their very own workbench. They had been asking for one for quite some time. Then for their birthday, they got lots of tools. I'm now a little jealous as some of their tools are better than mine.
They also got worker aprons, hard hats with headlamps on them, hearing protection, and safety glasses...they were pretty excited. They were also given safety vests...they'll have to grow into them as they don't really make safety vests for toddlers so it looks more like a safety toga when the boys wear them.
Once we got the vise installed, Sam clamped a block of wood in there and then went to work with his hammer...just hitting the block of wood. He was a pretty happy guy. I also showed him how to use the powerdrill and then pre-drilled some holes so that he could hammer in nails. Happy, happy, worker man!
They also got a number of kits for kids and have built a bird feeder...the orange thing in the background of the photo...and a pencil holder with picture holders on the sides.
As I type I'm finding myself getting lost in the picture again.
I really like those kids...sniff...


  1. I did look at the pictures again and again too! I can't believe I won't see them this year... They are growing much to fast. When I first visited you 2 years ago the trouser Matt is wearing in this picture was way to long and now it just fits perfectly! Miss them!!!

  2. This is such a sweet, sweet picture. The boys are growing up so quickly. They have changed so much since Thanksgiving. What a fabulous gift for them. They will love it and be able to create some great things for a long time. How fun!