Monday, July 25, 2011

7-weeks to go

The countdown has officially started.

2 things that I wanted to do while I was here is shoot a machine gun and ride in a helicopter. With only 7 weeks to go, the odds weren't looking good. appears that things may be looking up in this area.

I may be heading out for a little while to assist the army with construction assessments at one of our bases in Afghanistan. From what I've been told, everyone that gets to this base...goes by HELICOPTER!

I may get that helicopter ride afterall. I'll keep you posted.

Maybe when I'm there, they'll have some spare machine gun ammo for me to burn. Fingers crossed! Either way, the countdown has started for my flight out.


  1. The Marine's refer to that as 47 days and a wake up. We're counting on our end. So anxious to have you home and back with the kids. All the neighbors check on you routinely . . . and with much admiration.

  2. I bet you can't wait Kevin! Thinking of you!