Sunday, June 19, 2011

Water Update

So we performed our experiments.
We put 2 thermometers in the freezer overnight, nestled between 2 water bottles.
This morning, the thermometers both read 23 degrees. That is not a typo...23 degrees.
And the water in the bottles was not frozen.

We were able to take a water bottle out, un-cap it and it would stay liquid. We put in a thermometer to check the temperature of the water and crystals immediately started forming on the thermometer...but the water was at 23 and then started climbing when crystals started forming. The thermometer wasn't at a different temperature than the water, but the introduction of the thermometer was enough to disturb the fragile state of the supercooled water and start the crystal growth.

So 32 degrees is not the freezing point of water! I did a quick internet search and found out about some "scientists" in Israel that were working on this.

Scientists in Israel?!? A bunch of morons in Kabul did the same thing.

I'll be in MN in a couple of days, free to take meetings with any scientific institutions that are looking to add this big-brain to their staff. Nothing less than a senior management role, of course...and stock options.

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  1. Math, Physics, Civil Engineering, now Scientist. . . should qualify for a high six figure position! Love your blogs . . . looking forward to the one you write about your R & R. So excited for you to see your Kristi, Matt, and Sam-o-Ba-Bamo. Have a good flight . . . don't forget the diamonds and gold in Dubai for wifey!